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Benefits of Coaching

Is there something you’ve been thinking about doing but have yet to start or complete?

Some goals will be things you have worked on before, but we will also be looking at different ways of achieving them.

If you stopped for a moment and asked yourself how would you like your life to be different and what changes you wish you could make, most of us would dip into our psychological wish list. The list of goals and aspirations we know would help us feel happier, more content and fulfilled, is something we carry around with us most of the time but for one reason and another we struggle to make them a reality.

Improving career prospects, being fitter and healthier, or overcoming that fear or anxiety which seems to hamper our progress, are common goals.

Busy lives mean that we have little time to think about it. Our goals come to mind when we are stressed and looking for a way out. The problem? Often we don’t’ know how to make the positive change happen, or it feels such a ambitious task that it seems unachievable.

In my experience, people often under perform because there is a conflict between their desires and their belief in their own abilities.

The task of making changes to improve our lives seems scary and a complex process that we put off sticking with the status quo.  Staying with what we know and not upsetting the ‘apple cart’ is the first obstacle standing in the way of people achieving their goals.

What makes Coaching with Hypnosis Different?

Hypnosis – The Missing Piece of the Puzzle

Coaching provides you with a sounding board to discuss, organise and activate different ways of achieving the success you desire.

Working together we identify the most useful and effective ways for you to take the steps towards achieving your goals. We can also work on clarifying what you would like your future to look like, and put in place the necessary elements that will help you to focus on your success.

I will introduce you to the use of hypnosis as a tool to help maximise your efforts. Learning how to use focused relaxation and real positive suggestion, you can acquire the skills to re-programme your thinking and challenge the obstacles which have previously prevented you from succeeding.

Hypnosis is most usefully described as focused relaxation that helps you become more aware, establishing a more positive mindset and enhancing your efforts as you work towards your goals.

Combining the two approaches (coaching and hypnosis) gives you the understanding of how you can alter unwanted behaviours  and give you the freedom to become the person you want to be.